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Calamansi Juice (bottled):

Calamansi is a popular citrus fruit from the Philippines. It’s tart like a lemon, but has a sweeter floral scent. It’s usually used as a garnish over cooked dishes, or used as a dipping sauce for various dishes!

If you’re lucky, you may be able to find calamansi at your local supermarket. However, I usually find it frozen or in bottled form. Check out the link I placed above to purchase your own calamansi juice bottle!

The calamansi I used here were from my mom, who gathered it from her calamansi tree. I’m lucky enough to have a source for fresh calamansi here in Southern California – maybe you can make friends with a neighbor who has a calamansi tree too?

I love lemonade, but I prefer drinking calamansi juice over lemonade anytime. Calamansi juice has more fruity and floral notes to it compared to lemonade, and is just as refreshing for a summer drink!

Let me know in the comments: are you going to make this at home? And please let me know if you have any recipe recommendations!

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