Eating PIG FISH + HUMMUS with Fishermen in Ancient Tyre! | Amazing Mediterranean Food!

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TYRE, LEBANON – Tyre is an ancient coastal city of Lebanon, that dates back to 2750 BC as a Phoenician City. It’s a fishing city, and so we set out to go on a fishing experience and eat local fish and hummus with a fisherman. Even though our catch was small, it was a hugely learning experience. #Lebanon #Tyre #fishing

Thank you to USAID – My visit to Lebanon was supported by the USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development Project.

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Mahfouz Sandwich Shop – The day before going fishing, we met up with the fisherman and ate some sandwiches at the legendary Mahfouz sandwich stop. Some people drive all the way from Beirut just to eat these sandwiches. The meat combinations and sweet pepper is what made them so good to me.

Fishing in Tyre – We woke up about 4 am and set off to go fishing. The fishermen had already been out for a while in the night, and they had a small catch. We set off, and cast the nets a few times, but didn’t have much luck. We did catch a few small fish, but nothing much. Captain said it was the slow part of the season, so fishing wasn’t very good.

So we ended up buying a bigger fish from the market, though still local fish from the Mediterranean Sea. We bought a pigfish, which we brought to the bakery to bake.

Baroud Restaurant – As the fish was baking we walked over to Baroud restaurant to order some hummus as Captain said he always eats hummus with fish. We also had to quickly try their ful, which was excellent. I still think the best ful though is in Saida.

After the fish was finished baking, we brought the fish and the hummus to the local fisherman canteen at the port, and feasted. The fish was incredible, so flaky and firm, and I think it was my first time to ever really eat fish and hummus as the main combination of the meal – and it works so well!

A breathtaking experience, and just a slight glimpse into the life of a fisher life in Tyre, Lebanon.

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