Everything You Know About American Food is Wrong.

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American food is often defined as a cuisine lacking history and culture. But that’s doing a disservice to maybe one of the most underrated cuisines in the world. Today we’re looking at a few major regional and ethnic cuisines in America to prove that the food of this country is more diverse than most think.

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Producer – Matthew Li
Production Assistant – Mana Chuabang
Script Supervisor – Russell Medcalf

Special thanks:
Louis Govier
Yusef Iqbal
Yeevonne Lim
Dylan Payne
Brandon Goddard
Kevin Thomas

0:00 – The most underrated cuisine in the world
0:52 – Native American cuisines
3:55 – Soul food
6:06 – Cajun food
7:03 – New England food
7:47 – Midwestern “food”
8:39 – Tex-Mex
9:43 – West Coast food
10:28 – Hawaiian food
11:20 – New York City food

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