Finding Hawaiian Food In Las Vegas Nevada: Spam Musubi to Ahi Poke (ハワイの第九島: ハワイの刺身. 食べ物. 食文化).

The majority of all locally available foods from Hawaii from Poi to large cubes of Ahi poke to Loco Moco over easy egg bowls can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada. The usual joint where you can get large diced Cubes of Poke, Raw Crab, and Tako by the found in those big plastic deli containers was closed today. Diced cubes of raw tuna belong in a big deli container or as a stand alone side dish and not a presentable “Poke Bowl” with a bunch of avocados, lettuce, and other ingredients not found in an Hawaiian Style Poke as traditionally served. Real Poke: just walk into a deli grocery store, order by pound or half pound, go to cashier, check out and eat the Poke. No fancy stuff. The Poke dish shown here is authentic from an authentic Hawaiian restaurant in the area. Next topic will include pacific coast beaches just a few hours drive from Las Vegas. So people think they will move to a desert in the middle of nowhere: nope. California has nearby shores with crystal clear water and reefs like you would see at Waimanalo and the tide pools along the coast give or take. The Lake is nearby (just as a 30 minute drive from Hawaii Kai to Bellows Beach from Lunalilo Home Road) but the ocean is just a few hours drive to the pacific coast so Nevada is no isolated cut off desert. Nevada has no state income tax with a much lower cost of living, access to the pacific coast surf, and all around and access to the entire contiguous United States from sea to sea. The reason why you will find authentic local food here is because you’ve got a very large community from the islands living here and some drive around with stickers of the island chain on the back of their pickup trucks. For the next topic: Nevada is not East California but California should be annexed as West Nevada with a uniform no state tax policy and shortening drive time to sea by hours. If you look at the map: California is naturally West Nevada and fits like a Tetris piece. So instead of breaking CA into three separate states: just have it annexed into Nevada with access to fine beaches and food all around including large sliced cubes of raw tuna.

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