Hawaiian Food Carbang & Uber delivery. Can’t find customer. What do we do? #polynesian #tonga #fiji

Thanks for watching! First time trying L&L Hawaiian Food. BBQ Combination with BBQ Shirt ribs & Chicken, Rice and Mac Salad & Seafood (Fried) Shrimp and Fried Fish Combination, Rice and Mac Salad. It was packed inside so I decided to do a Carbang. Later in the evening, we are running Uber deliveries. Hope you enjoy and please don’t forget to Like and Subscribe. Take care and God Bless. Hope you enjoy!

Music by: Hex Fonua
E.B.S. Entertainment
YouTube and SoundCloud

I have permission to use his song “Runaway” for my intro.

Stay blessed 🙏🏾
Love Y’all ❤️

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