Hawaiian Food Review: Mainland Vs. Local: Waiahole Poi Factory: Oahu, Hawaii

Come with us to the Waiahole Poi Factory in Kaneohe, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. (Honolulu)

Looking to try Authentic Hawaiian Food see the prospective of a local- born and raised in Hawaii Vs. a Mainlander prospective. We will be trying Chicken long rice, Poi, Kalua Pig, Lau Lau, Lomi Salmon and more.

Be apart of Tee and Shanni local Hawaii adventures.

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Waiahole Poi Factory

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Video highlights

0:02 Employee Favorite (Tony)
0:16 Shanni intro (Loves Hawaiian Food)
00:27 Tee Intro (Dislikes Hawaiian Food)
1:26 Tee and Shanni Foodie Friday Intro
2:08 Drive on Likelike Hwy (Honolulu, Hawaii)
2:53 Welcome to Kaneohe, Hawaii & Waiahole Poi Factory

3:32 Waiahole Poi Factory Menu
3:36 Chicken Long Rice, Kalua Pork, Poi, Lomi Salmon and More (Shanni Review)
4:56 Plastic Cup Joke. Shanni Blooper
5:35 Limeade Review (Shanni )
6:02 Kalua Pig (Shanni)
6:49 Chicken Long Rice (shanni)
8:23 Poi Review Shanni

10:17 Facebook Winner: Lau Lau and Kalua Pig (Pork) Combo, Poi and More (Tee Review)
10:37 Tee Bloopers- Can I pronounce Waiahole
13:02 Trying Lau Lau for the first time (Tee Foodie Review)
15:48 Eating Lomi Salmon for the first time (Tee Foodie Friday Review)
16:29 Grand Tee Finale- Trying Poi for the First time…Oh GOD (Tee Foodie Review)
18:15 Final thoughts: Shanni & Tee

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