Margaritas on Oahu – The Best Mexican Food in Hawaii

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Being from Southern California, I was raised on eating really great Mexican food. It’s my favorite type of food. So, naturally anytime we travel to Hawaii I scout out places to eat Mexican food. However, in my opinion, it is hard to find really great Mexican food in Hawaii. That was until I ate at Margaritas Hawaii. This little hidden gem is the best Mexican food I have found in Hawaii.

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In my conversation with the owners of Margaritas Hawaii, we talk about how it all started and where they got their inspiration for their dishes. Margaritas is more than a taco, burrito, and margarita place. They have done an amazing job at creating dishes that infuse Hawaiian culture.

So, next time you’re on Oahu, be sure to stop by Margaritas for their epic nacho boat!

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