Moana Nui & Papa Ola Lōkahi Presents Hawaiian Eats in the Diaspora

Moana Nui Podcast is thrilled to have three food industry giants, Bronson Achiu, Kalanai Mack, and Kaimana Chee, join us as we explore the roots of Hawaii’s cuisine, its global rise in popularity, the significance of authentic ingredients, the cultural bond between food and those living in diaspora, exciting food innovations, the positive community impacts of having local foods available, and the future of Hawaii’s food scene. This is a conversation you won’t want to miss—come be a part of this dynamic dialogue and celebrate the diverse flavors of Hawai’i with us!

Join us and moderator, Matt Camara, on April 4th, starting at 7:00 PM EST, for an exhilarating discussion delving into the rich and vibrant world of Hawai’i foods in the diaspora! Watch and engage with our discussion LIVE on our network on Facebook, X, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitch!

This episode is brought to you with sponsorship from Papa Ola Lōkahi (

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About Moana Nui Podcast: Moana Nui Podcast is a storytelling podcast to celebrate and honor the history, culture, & perspectives of Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, POC, indigenous, and African Diasporan peoples.

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