North Korean Food in Seoul – RAINBOW NOODLES + Big Beef Hot Pot in South Korea! (ft. Miss Mina)

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – In this food tour, Mina and I discovered authentic North Korean food in Seoul. Seoul is only 50 km from North Korea, and home to many North Koreans, some of whom have opened restaurants in the city. I’ve been to Seoul many times, but never had any like these unique North Korean dishes before. Naengmyeon is known to be one of the most common North Korean foods, but we wanted to try a few other lesser known North Korean dishes as well.

Here are the North Korean restaurants we ate at on this food tour:

Dongmu Bapsang (동무밥상) – This is where you can order the giant platter of rainbow noodles, and I would strongly recommend it. They pour the soup tableside, and it’s such a refreshing dish. Additionally the Sundae, Korean blood sausage, was some of the best I’ve ever had. Total price – 61,000 KRW ($51.63)

Hadan (하단) – Situated just off the main road in an unassuming small house like building Hadan (하단) specializes mostly in North Korean bowls of noodles and mandu dumplings. The food was very good, tasted handmade, and the restaurant feels very homely. The owner really warmed up to us, and as we left, even insisted that we take umbrellas. Total price – 44,000 KRW ($34.70)

Jinmi Pyongyang Naengmyeon (진미평양냉면) – Finally, the third restaurant on this North Korean food tour of Seoul, we went to Jinmi Pyongyang Naengmyeon (진미평양냉면) to eat Naengmyeon noodles, and this massive pan of beef hot pot with herbs. Total price – 104,000 KRW ($88.03)

Overall, North Korean food seems very pure, some things with less flavor, a little more plain, yet still flavorful and focusing on the natural ingredients without extras. Taking this North Korean food tour of Seoul was a fun experience, especially hanging out and eating with Mina.

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