TRYING Hawaiian FOOD at Epcot’s World Showcase!

In this video, we take you on a culinary adventure to the Hawaii booth at Epcot’s World Showcase in Walt Disney World. We try two of their signature dishes, the Kalua Pork Slider and Spam Musubi Nigiri. The Kalua Pork Slider features tender pork with a delicious barbecue sauce, served on a sweet Hawaiian roll. The Spam Musubi Nigiri is a traditional Hawaiian dish consisting of a slice of grilled Spam on top of a block of seasoned rice, wrapped with seaweed. Both dishes were absolutely delicious and gave us a taste of the unique and flavorful cuisine of Hawaii.

Join us as we indulge in these mouthwatering dishes and share our thoughts on the taste, texture, and overall experience of trying these Hawaiian specialties at Epcot. If you’re planning a trip to Epcot or simply looking for some new and exciting food to try, then this video is a must-watch!

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