Best Mexican Food in Hawaii: Best Tacos Alert! | Food Review Tacos| Oahu| Honolulu

Come join Tee (Teondra ) Luxury Real Estate Agent, Ari, (Expert Chef) and Shanni Foodie Enthusiast when we try Oahu, Hawaii Best Mexican Restaurant Hands Down. Taqueria el ranchero is the best Mexican restaurant on the island. Right outside of Honolulu this restaurant featuring fresh ingredients, bold flavors, authentic dishes, and unparalleled customer service.

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos~ Looking for a good taco on the island. Look no further.

This is how Mexican Food should taste in Hawaii. Authentic Mexican food, Hawaiian Hospitality

0:02 Server Thomas
0:38 Intro Tee, Shanni & Ari
1:29 Travel with Tee and the gang to Mexican restaurant
2:23 See the Tacos
2:41 Shanni Perfect Taco review
4:04 Ari Taco Warning
5:56 Tee Taco Review
8:24 Ending
9:24 Bloppers
C: 808-829-0056


Food Enthusiast
Ask A Local- Co-Host
Hawaii Local Born and Raised.

& Guest Chef Ariella Beth Katzberg (Ari)
Foodie Expert
Ask a Local

Try taqueria el ranchero
823 California Ave, Wahiawa, HI 96786

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