Dangerous Food in Brazil – BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU EAT THIS! | Traditional Brazilian Food in Goiás!

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Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil – From Curitiba we continued our food trip in Brazil to Goiânia in the state of Goiás, Brazil. It was a day of unique fruits, most specifically the pequi fruit, unlike any other natural unprocessed food I’ve ever tried in my life. #BrazilianFood #Goiás #fruit

Mercado Central de Goiânia – We began at the central market, where we walked around first, before trying a number of empadão, one of the main snacks to eat – a little dough pie filled with a variety of ingredients. It was delicious and hearty, especially when topped with some of the house made hot sauce. Price – 32 BRL ($7.93) for all

Exotic fruit – There was a jungle exotic Brazilian fruit shop where we sampled a few fruits like jatoba, before continued on this Brazilian food tour.

CIDADE DE GOIÁS – The main goal of the day was to drive to the historical city of Goiás, about 2 hours from Goiânia. The drive was beautiful and it was nice to see some of the countryside.

Restaurante Braseiro – But by far the highlight of the day was eating at Restaurante Braseiro, an extremely friendly and traditional Brazilian food restaurant. When we arrived I could already sense the love coming from the restaurant, and I loved the way they cooked the food, all over fire in the kitchen buffet style. The day we arrived they hadn’t cooked pequi fruit, but when we arrived and said was had come specifically to eat it, they cooked it for us. Pequi is a very unique and slightly bizarre fruit from this region of Brazil. It can be dangerous because of the spikes in the center – so don’t bite too deep. But the flavor is unlike any other fruit I’ve ever had, almost like cheddar cheese. Price – 20 BRL ($4.95) per person

Banca da Pamonha – When we got back to the city, we continued with a few Brazilian street food snacks, including pamonha, which is the local version of a tamale. I was impressed how good they were. Price – 26 BRL ($6.44) for 3

Boteco do Zé do Abílio – Finally to end this Brazilian food tour, we went to Boteco do Zé do Abílio to have some serious meat. Total price – 118 BRL ($29.23)

It was an amazing day in Brazil, and especially a regional Brazilian food learning experience.

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