Hawaii Travel is Cheap: Everything Else is Expensive

Hawaii Travel is Cheap: Everything Else is Expensive! Honestly, the packaged travel to Oahu, Hawaii is very cheap from the west coast of Canada and the USA, BUT the add on costs to your holiday of everything else actually makes it expensive. Let me explain:

The daily resort fees, the daily hotel parking costs, the daily airport parking costs back at home for your car, your kennel and house sitting fees, your travel medical costs, your currency conversion fees, you baggage and carry on fees, seating assignment fees, taxes and gratuities all can make your Hawaii vacation more expensive than you think!

It is a cash grab and adds significantly (cumulatively) to your trip to the Hawaiian islands.

Add the taxes and other surcharges and your daily fee for incidentals can exceed your daily expenses while traveling in Hawaii! And we have not even talked about the cost of food in Hawaii which is significantly more than the continental USA.

Tell me about the added costs to your holiday, whether it was in Hawaii or elsewhere…

With baggage fees of around $25-40, resort fees of $20-50 a day, hotel parking at $20-50 a day, airport parking at $15-30 a day, and all the other costs, you can easily spend more on other expenses per day than you would actually for just your hotel and airfare.

Keep your wheels on the ground!

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