How to Make a Negroni. (Mookie gets drunk)

What is a Negroni. Negroni Recipe. What is Chicken Long Rice, Chicken Long Rice Recipe. What is a Banana Hammock. Bad Elvis impersonation on Waikiki Beach. Join me and my little Chihuahua Mookie down at my tiki bar named Chappy’s Tiki Bar. We will make the classic Italian drink “the Negroni” Then I am off to Hawaii. I will show you what is good to eat in Honolulu Hawaii We will go to the Rainbow Drive-In, Helena’s Hawaiian Food and the Ala Moana Shopping Centre all located in Hawaii.Then I will make a bone broth from Scratch to use with glass noodles to make my Chicken Long Rice. We have “Best Tropical Destination Stories” Mookie gets drunk and falls off the bar as I am admiring my tiki mask collection that I got in Hawaii. I do a terrible Elvis impersonation in the “Spot the Banana Hammock” segment in front of Waikiki Beach. Also I go out to the Deerfoot City Shopping Centre in Calgary, Alberta to check out the food court and I have Poke at Ono Poke. Then I have some Poke overlooking Waikiki Beach. So come have a drink with Mookie, my tiki idol “Fred” and me Chappy at Chappy’s Tiki Bar.

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