Persian KINGS of Minced Lamb!! 🐑SHOCKING IRANIAN FOOD in Isfahan, Iran!! 🇮🇷

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ISFAHAN, IRAN – Isfahan is a special city in Iran, one of the most powerful and one of the most influential cities throughout Persian history – that’s why they call it half the world. I was excited to visit Isfahan, and go on an ultimate Iraninan food tour! #Isfahan #Iran #IranianFood

Azadegan Tea House – Chah Haj Mirza – We began in the evening in Isfahan by going to a legendary tea house, and probably one of the world’s most decorated tea houses. It’s fascinating to walk around, look at all the antiques and memorabilia. The food, is also noteworthy and delicious. We had the Kashke Bademjan – Persian eggplant dip, and Dizi – Lamb and chickpeas stew.

Khoresht Mast – Yogurt, lamb, saffron – This was the most shocking Iranian food in Isfahan – lamb and sweet yogurt? Yes, in Isfahan, people are passionate about a dessert made with lamb! And somehow it just works.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square – Isfahan, Iran – When you visit Isfahan, to get a true feel of the center of the city, you have to visit Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a massive public square with a number of important historical mosques and monuments. It’s spectacular.

Haj Mahmoud Beryani – Restaurant, Isfahan Bazaar – This was one of my favorite meals in all of Iran, for a dish called beryan – Minced lamb, mint, saffron. For lamb lovers, it does not get better than this.

Gaz – Persian Nougat – Next we visited a gaz factory, a Persian sweet that’s famously made in Isfahan. It was interesting to see the process, and taste it too.

Hafez Golha – Milk pudding – Next we stopped at Hafez Golha for his hand made milk pudding. It’s simple and delicious and a great dessert for an evening in Isfahan, Iran.

Khaju Bridge – Historical Bridge – And finally we ended this incredible Iranian food tour and attractions tour at Khaju Bridge where locals gather to sing songs under the historical bridges.

Isfahan is a fascinating city, with such a rich culture, history, and unique delicious food. Thank you for watching.

Thank you to Ghasr Setareh ( for arranging our trip to Iran.

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