Squid Lūʻau – Kimi Werner Recipe- Octopus Coconut milk Taro leaves- Traditional Hawaiian Food

Squid lūʻau is a traditional Hawaiian meal consisting of octopus, taro leaves and coconut milk. We slow it down in this episode to make room for the natural sounds, stillness and presence one experiences when truly connecting to nature. The kalo (taro) leaves were gathered during a volunteer community work day for the Punaho’olapa restoration projects led by Manna Foods, in Haleiwa.


Octopus, cleaned with Hawaiian salt, cut into bite size pieces
Butter or coconut oil
Kalo leaves
Coconut milk
(Can finish with more salt and a touch of sugar to bring out sweetness of coconut milk to your liking)

a Variables production
camera: Justin Turkowski
edit: Lexi Kaili, Shane Grimes
Thumbnail image: Christa Funk https://www.cfunkphoto.com/#1

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