Hawaii Mukbang!: Nadine eats at CSF (Chinese Famous Street Food)

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Chinese street food, Ohana Hale Marketplace, Northern Chinese food, Xi’an food, Hawaii foodies, Chinese food in Hawaii, Hawaii food hall, Beijing food. Who’s in this video: Nadine Kam, Sean Morris.

At Ohana Hale Marketplace in Kakaako, CSF has opened to offer a sampling of Northern Chinese street food, where rice is foreign and the dietary staples are noodles and bread, some of it as hard as a rock to be used for sopping up a Xi’an specialty of Yang Rou Pao Mo (lamb soup with flatbread). Other specialties sampled here include Sichuan cold noodles, Beijing-style zhajiang noodles, pork with garlic sauce, chicken with chili sauce, and Chinese pork burger, which isn’t a burger by American standards. It’s really a meat pocket, the marinated, cooked pork chopped and stuffed into pita-style bread that is more doughy than in the Muslim tradition from which it evolved through travels along the ancient Silk Road. Sean Morris and I share some thoughts about what we ate. Video by Nadine Kam ©2019.

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