PAMPANGA FOOD TRIP: Trying SISIG in the Philippines 😍🇵🇭

Trying FAMOUS SISIG in Pampanga, the Culinary Capital of the Philippines! **FILMED LAST YEAR**
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In this video we visit Pampanga, a province in Central Luzon region of the Philippines. It is known for being the food capital of the Philippines because of its delicious Kapampangan dishes and cuisine! Today we try the famous Filipino dish SISIG – the word was first mentioned in a Kapampana dictionary meaning “to snack on something sour” or “salad”! Sizzling sisig is made with chopped pork parts. It’s spicy, tasty, and a must-try food when in the Philippines! We heard to two of the best sisig restaurants in Pampana.

Pampanga Restaurants:
Aling Lucing Sisig
Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy

Thanks to our hosts! Check them out 👇🏻

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