Shirakiku Korean Japchae Instant Glass Noodles, Spam w/ CJ KBBQ Marinade, Hawaiian Food [4K ASMR]

Shirakiku Korean Japchae Instant/Frozen Glass Noodles, Spam w/ CJ KBBQ Marinade Sauce, Fried Egg, Hawaiian Lunch/Food [4K ASMR]

Featured in this video:
Shirakiku (Japanese brand) Korean Japchae glass noodles
Instant, frozen Korean Japchae, sweet potato glass noodles
Sweet potato noodles, onion, spinach, carrot, green bean sprouts
Argentina (Philippine/Filipino brand brand) luncheon-meat/spam
CJ Korean BBQ (KBBQ) Original Sauce Bulgogi/Kalbo pre-made, bottled marinade
Sunny-side-up fried egg
Diet Coke/Coca-Cola
Hawaiian BBQ food/lunch
Lots of ASMR cooking & eating sounds of Korean, Hawaiian & Japanese food & Japchae noodles!

CJ Korean BBQ (KBBQ) Original Sauce Bulgogi/Kalbo pre-made, bottled marinade video:

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